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Want to iterate and improve your RDX deployments?

Introducing Vredefort AI – a no-code automated solution that allows you to develop tailored AI models to further optimize RDX use cases. Vredefort AI analyzes the data generated by your deployments during business operations.

AI professionals and businesses can leverage Vredefort AI to train and deploy sophisticated AI models on local systems, experiment with its training parameters, and gain real-time AI-driven insights – without ever compromising the privacy of business data. Sounds too good? That’s just the power of Vredefort AI!


Making AI Easy For Everyone!

We believe AI automation should be simple, affordable and effective. We have designed Vredefort AI with this in mind, offering features such as:

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Provides a high security standard to safeguard your business data.

Multilingial Support

Multilingial Support

Supports multiple languages such as Arabic, Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi, Japanese, and English.

Simple User

Simple User Interface

Professionals from all backgrounds can leverage Vredefort AI, thanks to its simple interface.

Faster Annotation

Faster Annotation

Annotate data quickly and effectively, thanks to Vredefort AI’s friendly user interface and easy keyboard shortcuts.

No-Code Framework

No-Code Framework

Vredefort AI empowers users to create AI models with without writing a single line of code.

Class Accuracy

Class Accuracy

Simplify the manual checking of class-wise accuracy to improve the overall accuracy of the model.

Developer Mode

Developer Mode

The developer mode in Vredefort AI simplifies hyper-tuning of model parameters and confidence levels during training.

Instant Project

Instant Project Overview

A centralized dashboard enables users to view critical project updates, such as the total number of annotated images, class accuracy, etc.

Improved Model

Improved Model Accuracy

Add more datasets to a pre-trained AI model and re-train it to achieve better performance.

Train Pre-annotated Datasets

Train Pre-annotated Datasets

Eliminate the tedious process of annotation by importing annotated datasets to directly train models.

Replicating Models

Replicating Models For Experimenting

Replicate successful models so you can experiment with it while keeping both the models up-to-date.


Compatibility With Jetson DeepStream

Download AI models and deploy them straight to hardware, such as the Jetson Nano Developer Kit.

Create Your Vision Just The Way You Want

Whether you’re developing AI applications and publishing them on the Marketplace, looking for a comprehensive solution to host and run AI applications, or simply want to automate business processes to enhance your digital transformation initiatives – the RDX platform does it all!

Designed to simplify, scale and support AI-driven process automation, RDX will help your business redefine and develop the X-factor!
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