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We are an AI company that believes Artificial Intelligence should not be limited by technical knowledge. Our no code AI solutions make automation simpler for businesses, government organizations, educational institutions, etc. to ensure success in the industry 4.0 era.

Our AI products and services help you overcome some toughest challenges without technical knowledge. We cater to businesses of all sizes, surveillance industry, government organizations, educational institutions, etc.

Why Choose EaseMyAI?

EaseMyAI came into existence to make people’s lives as simple as possible. Our team has innovated for years to successfully develop products and services that simplify and automate your life. EaseMyAI makes the adoption of technology in your homes, business, and life a piece of cake.

Our primary purpose is to develop innovative products that help you adopt and leverage AI seamlessly.

EaseMyAI’s simple user interface combined with drag and drop features empowers even non-technical users to customize the solutions. All products are simple, robust, and secure, making AI automation hassle-free for businesses of all sizes across sectors.

Why choose EaseMyAI? Because it’s the only AI company providing end-to-end solutions, a highly responsive support team and affordable pricing!

Here’s more:

  • Simple Adoption Of AI Automation
  • Seamless IoT Integration
  • Scalable AI Automation
  • Precise Video Analytics
  • End-To-End And Affordable Solutions
  • Highly Responsive Support Team
  • Simple AI adoption
  • Seamless IoT integration
  • Scalable Automation
  • Precise Video Analytics
  • Affordable Technology
  • End to End Solution
  • Highly Responsive Support

Changing The Way You Think About AI

Making AI seamless and simple for everyone!

No coding knowledge required

Create, configure, and deploy AI solutions without a single line of code.

Simple to use

Implement AI Solutions with a few clicks & drags and drops with our simple UI.

Create, use, deploy & integrate

Create your models, and easily deploy with IoT, software applications, etc.

No Need For Technical Skills

Make your organization AI-ready without technical expertise or coding skills.

Customizable models

Customize the AI solution with a few clicks based on your requirements.

No language barrier

Our products are available in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, English, Arabic and Japanese.

Connecting Everything



•Create a custom no code AI model in 4 simple steps.
•Modify the training parameters in the developer model and train the existing models to improve accuracy.
•Tinker with the model to fine-tune and deploy it on edge devices and other hardware.


• Create a logic-based model for your use-case, such as person trespassing, object counting, etc.
• Publish the model on the marketplace


• Drag the model from the marketplace for your use-case/application and drop it on the required hardware.
• Now you can receive real-time alerts, analytics, notifications, IoT action triggers, and third-party software integration.


All You Need Is A Vision To Solve A Problem

BFSI (Banking Finance Security Insurance)

We offer several computer vision models that can be deployed for multiple use cases in banking and financial sector. This can reduce the threat to banks’ safety and security through the use of smart no-code AI solutions.

For example, weapon detection models can safeguard humans and assets as real-time alerts can be generated and sent to the security authorities.

Our AI systems can analyze enormous volumes of transactional data to find trends and patterns that can point to fraud. This helps financial institutions with fraud detection promptly with precision.

Another AI solution is chatbots and virtual assistants that can serve customers 24/7. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can raise customer satisfaction and boost engagement.

AI solutions are capable of analyzing client data to deliver personalized recommendations and financial advice, helping customers make better financial decisions.

By analyzing data from various business sources, AI solutions can detect potential dangers and develop strategies to tackle them to assist financial organizations in risk management.

AI solutions can also be leveraged for real-time trading as AI algorithms can analyze market data and provide instant and actionable insights.

Using our AI solution, you can free up your data science teams so they can concentrate on more productive and valuable aspects of the business. Our clients have seen improved control and assessments of their models, leading to quicker investment possibilities in the quickly evolving market circumstances.


As an AI company, EaseMyAI offer specialized models that can be used in healthcare.

AI algorithms can study huge volumes of patient data and lead to several beneficial outcomes.

By analyzing medical images, such as X-rays and MRI scans, AI solutions can find abnormalities and identify diseases. The insights gained can help in providing personalized treatment that aligns with the patient’s genetic information and medical background.

AI-powered virtual assistants and chatbots can support patients in managing their healthcare and simplify access to medical information.

AI in healthcare can also increase patient engagement and decrease the load on medical staff as some tasks can be offloaded to the AI.

AI products can also speed up the drug discovery and creation of innovative and successful medical therapies by analyzing large volumes of data.


As the backbone of the economy, EaseMyAI also offers AI products for the agricultural sector. These no code AI products enable even non-technical users to reap the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in several ways:

AI use-cases can analyze vast resources of data and help optimize the weed detection model for precise spraying of pesticides. Such AI solutions can improve the soil health and reduce presence of toxic pesticide and insecticide.

AI can help minimize the amount of pesticide by identifying strategic spots, which reduces the expenses of the farmers.

Our AI services and products can be used in computer vision applications, such as AI-powered autonomous drones, for cattle counting, yield estimation, crop monitoring, etc.

Defense And Aviation

Our AI models can be used to enhance aircraft performance, fuel efficiency, etc. which lead to improved navigation and flight. Moreover, computer vision can help develop autonomous planes.

Another benefit to the aviation sector is optimized fuel usage as AI models can record and minimize fuel usage to improve the fuel economy.

AI has been key in predictive applications, and can be used to offer pilots and air traffic controllers with real-time weather data and forecasts.  

AI is employed in the defence sector as well to operate autonomous drones and automated ground vehicles. Thanks to instant updates and insights, situational awareness improves and response time decreases.


With EaseMyAI, you have the power of AI and its ability to shape the future of smart manufacturing!

The EaseMyAI platform is used by some of the largest global manufacturers to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and meet demand across manufacturing types, including make-to-order, stock, and assembly production processes.

Manufacturers should consider AI automation for three key reasons:

  • There is an increasing interest in mass modification of the industry
  • There is a growing Human-Robot coordination in manufacturing spaces as seen in Industry 4.0
  • There is an accelerated progress of technology and operations in manufacturing


Why should you consider our AI solution for manufacturing?

  • EaseMyAI built the Next Generation manufacturing facility to digitize smart manufacturing while reducing ecological impact.


  • EaseMyAI developed smart products that combine IoT hardware and the best software developers in the industry.


  • EaseMyAI has increased trustworthiness in the manufacturing industry by implementing operational commitments and manufacturing standards.


  • EaseMyAI supports a collaborative society dedicated to delivering unique and smart experiences to you.


AI algorithms can analyze data from manufacturing equipment to forecast when maintenance is necessary to decrease downtime and reduce frequent breakdowns.

AI solutions can analyze data from IoT sensors, cameras and hardware to find flaws during quality control to enhance product quality and reduce wastage.

AI-driven models can reduce manufacturing costs, improve efficiency and optimize the production processes.

AI models can analyze data from all stakeholders in the supply chain to improve logistics and inventory control. The result is quicker deliveries and lower shipping costs.

AI-driven robots can complete jobs such as assembly, inspection, and packaging quickly and more accurately than human workers. This leads to increased productivity and efficiency among the workforce.

Using sophisticated computer vision models, enterprises can strengthen their performance in quality inspection and inventory management.


EaseMyAI’s platform can help retail businesses understand every client they serve to enable personalized outreach. It expands your supply chain and supports your organizational agility as it has done for some of the biggest and most demanding merchants globally.

Using AI in retails helps reduce costs, increase revenue, and conduct business more seamlessly. Here’s how:

Using data from a consumer’s past purchases and browsing habits, AI can help retailers deliver personalized suggestions, vouchers, discounts, etc. to tackle the challenge of hyper-personalization and deliver a customized buyer journey.

By forecasting demand and supply, AI can help retail businesses manage their inventories better, leading to reduced waste and improved supply chain management.

AI- powered bots and virtual assistants can help retailers provide 24/7 customer service and support leading to higher engagement and customer satisfaction.

AI automation can assist retailers in pricing performance optimization based on consumer demand, market conditions, competitor pricing, etc., leading to optimized pricing strategies.

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