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We believe that Artificial Intelligence should not be limited by technical knowledge. Our fully-integrated, no-code AIoT ecosystem helps you develop and deploy automation tools for your business. Automation has never been simpler for businesses, government organizations, educational institutions, etc. in the industry 4.0 era!

AI Iot Deployment Platform


Scale product development by leveraging AI use cases for diverse industrial applications from our cloud-hosted marketplace!
Find and install AI use cases developed by a global community of developers across a wide range of industries and business needs from our cloud-hosted marketplace.

No Code AI Model Training Platform ​
AIoT Deployment Platform

Deployment Platform

Integrate and connect AI models with IoT devices, PLC, SCADA and other hardware for efficient, customized and automated business workflows! 
Integrate hardware such as IoT devices, cameras, microphones, PLC, SCADA, and even SAP & Salesforce data platforms, to build customized automation pipelines for your business.

AIIoT Marketplace

No-Code AI Model Training Platform

Train/test AI models by annotating business data with secure, on-premises no-code functionality! 
Train/test AI models locally and automate the annotation of business data using no-code features to make AI development accessible to non-technical professionals.


Why Choose EaseMyAI?

Seamless Digital Transformation At Your Fingertips!

EaseMyAI came into existence to make your lives as simple as possible. Our team is dedicated to innovate and successfully develop products that simplify automation for businesses of all sizes.
Here’s how EaseMyAI can help you with your digital transformation journey!

For C-Suite Executives And Decision Makers

Integrate AI Models With Enterprise-Wide IoT Devices/Hardware to Bridge The Gap Between Data Processing, Insights And Action. Streamline IoT Device Activation, Alert Management, Data Conveyance And a Lot More With Predefined Automated Workflows. Simplify Vendor Interactions Through Our Unified No-Code Platform.

For AI Businesses And Developer Teams

Reduce Product Development And Go-To-Market Time By Leveraging Pre-Built AI Usecases From Our Marketplace. Unify Data Processing, Business Logic And Actions On The Ease My AI Platform. Gain Immediate Access To Our Established Network Of Existing Partners And Customers.

For System Integrators & Automation Professionals

Integrate Diverse Applicants To Create And Deploy End-To-End Automation Solutions. Eliminate Maintenance And Tech Support Concerns By Outsourcing Them To Our Team. Create A White-Label Solution With Your Branding And Business-Specific Needs. Explore Our Products That Make You Future Ready!

EaseMyAI Makes AI Automation Seamless And Simple For Everyone!

No Coding Knowledge Required

Create, configure, and deploy AI solutions without writing a single line of code.

Hyperlocal AI Model Training

Create AI models and easily deploy to specific locations for improved accuracy.

Real-time Alerts And Ticketing

Get real-time alerts and ticketing to stay up-to-date and resolve issues quickly.


Customizable Models

Customize the AI solution with a few clicks and drag-and-drop functionality based on requirements.


Scale your cloud-based AI solution up or down as per business demands.

Multi-vendor Cloud Support

Customize your cloud-hosted AI solution in a way that best meets your business needs.


Connect Any Device

Build your automation solutions with a diverse range of compatible input/output devices.

Data Privacy

Protect your business data with industry-grade encryption and GDPR compliance.

No Language Barrier

Our products are available in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, English, Arabic and Japanese.

All You Need Is A Vision
To Solve A Problem

Accelerating Digital Transformation – One Solution At A Time!

Railway Track Defect Monitoring​

Our team built and deployed an automated system to identify defects on railway tracks and pinpoint its location for quick repairs using a dedicated computer vision-integrated camera.

Automated Textile Defect Check​

Our team deployed an automated computer vision solution to detect and categorize textile defects on the production line in real-time for improved quality control.

AI Based Visual Positioning System​

Our team developed an AI-powered system, relying on PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras and computer vision, to accurately identify the position of individual items in a warehouse with a spatial resolution of 5 centimeters to streamline inventory management.

GDPR Compliant Person Detection​

Our team developed and deployed IoT thermal cameras in sensitive areas of an airport that helps detect the presence and number of people in real-time. To comply with GDPR regulations, our solution preserved the privacy of individuals by not capturing any personal identifiers.

Our Products

Vredefort AI

Introducing Vredefort AI a no-code automated solution that allows you to develop tailored AI models to further optimize RDX use cases. Vredefort AI analyzes the data generated by your deployments during business operations.


Introducing the RE-DX​ (Re-Defining Digital Transformation.) ecosystem: An industry-leading solution for a streamlined plug-and-play, AI-driven digital process automation approach.


Our Partners

EaseMyAI has collaborated with industry leading businesses and organizations to develop innovative AI and computer vision solutions. Our list of working partners include:

Our Global Presence

With this ambition driving us, we have expanded our global footprint to serve users in countries such as Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Netherlands and Japan.

blog posts

In-House AI models

Model Name- Drone Detection

What does the model detect? This model detects drones in the air/on the ground in images/videos....
In-House AI models

Model Name – Pink eye and Normal eye Detection

What does the model detect? This model detects pink eyes and normal eyes in images. What is the use...
In-House AI models

Model Name – Potato leaf disease detection

What does the model detect? This model detects and identifies potato leaf diseases in images. What...

Frequently Asked Questions

EaseMyAI develops no-code computer vision and AI solutions for businesses across a diverse range of industries. We aim to make AI solutions readily accessible to everyone – no matter their technical skills.

No, even professionals without any technical knowledge can implement our end-to-end solutions.

We prefer an on-premise deployment approach, which ensures your privacy is safeguarded.

While the deployment time may vary based on the customer requirements and resource availability, your AI solution can be operational within 4 to 5 hours.

Since we aim to make AI accessible to all, our solutions are affordable, but may vary based on client-specific requirements.

Yes! With innovations and advancements in AI/ML and computer vision technologies, we adapt and improve our products/services to better serve our customers’ demands.

EaseMyAI’s Recognitions and Accreditations


EaseMyAI has been awarded by names including the Government of Maharashtra, NITI Ayog, and ASSOCHAM India, among others. Moreover, leading business newspapers such as The Economic Times and ET Panache have covered our product launches and AI innovations. EaseMyAI also holds a patent granted by the Patent Office, Government of India.