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What is RDX?

RDX means the Re-inventing & Developing X factor. It is a platform that enables you to deploy, install and configure an AI use-case/application on Edge computing device, IoT device, Camera, Server, or Software Application. Like Android is empowering the smartphone eco-system, RDX OS is the backbone empowering AI Computer Vision eco-system. Like anyone can host their applications on Android, RDX allows everyone from everywhere to host their AI applications and unfold a revenue-generating opportunity.

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RDX makes your life easy

Without RDX

without rdx BFSI

The security might move from the place of duty for various reasons. Meanwhile, the masked robbers enter with weapons and keep the hostages away from informing the concerned authorities. The staff and customers feel helpless. Sadly, the bank/ATM robbery takes place.

With RDX

with rdx BFSI

The nearest security authorities are alerted automatically through email, Whatsapp, telegram,etc. And the robbery is prevented through automatic smoke generation. The bank authority can manage all the branches from a central location. RDX makes security systems intelligent and automatically generates real-time alerts & IoT  actions.

Without RDX


The labour force works 24*7 to enter the details of containers at ports. This consumes a lot of resources that can be used for other opportunities. The efficiency may be compromised, due to long working hours and fatigue. Sadly, the logistics costs reach their peak due to mismanagement.

With RDX

portautomation with rdx

The port operations are automated. Simply, deploy RDX and capture required details of containers like their in-time and out-time, container number, container weights, number plate, and other information. The system will be robust, affordable, and more secure, reducing manual errors. 

Without RDX

health without rdx

The doctor-to-patient ratio in India is skewed. There is a shortage of doctors. Even if doctors and medical professionals over-work themselves, the scarcity will remain. 

There are cases where patients may fall/remove their oxygen masks. The staff knows these situations only when someone physically goes to check the patient. Some crucial time may have elapsed by then, increasing the risk for the patient.

With RDX

with rdx health

In the above scenario, the cameras can detect on their own  if the patient has fallen/removed the oxygen mask. RDX sends a real-time alert to the concerned authority and a quick action can be taken, reducing the risks to the patients. With RDX, it is possible to implement a patient monitoring system and hospital compliance application

Without RDX

cccwithout rdx

Mostly, companies do manual CCTV footage monitoring of Compliance & Operations/use ticketing system to notify manually. They miss important events due to fatigue, distraction, and hierarchy to follow.

10s of people monitor 100s of cameras and report to their floor managers, which then report to the head. After this long process, the head decides on an action withstanding the damage already done.

With RDX


RDX alone monitors 100s of cameras, performs analytics, and directly notifies the head about any event through Whatsapp, telegram, email, etc. The head takes quick decisions and actions, reducing the damage. No events are missed, optimization of resources takes place, and more profitability and productivity of the organization is possible. 

Without RDX

without rdx food

Food hygiene and staff health is a critical aspect for good health of people. The chef/staff may not use aprons, caps for various reasons. This might put the staff at risk of burns from hot liquids/food and be a cause of concern for the consumers. In normal circumstances, it might go undetected. 

With RDX

with rdx food

The concerned authorities will get real-time social media notifications and immediate action can be taken. The staff without aprons, caps, and gloves can be detected. This protects the staff from unwanted germs transfer, burns, and mess. Also, the risk for consumers will be reduced.

Without RDX


The routine city life goes on without innovative solutions to the increasing issues like security, accidents, rising crimes, and mismanagement/ delayed action due to late information transfer.

With RDX


The city literally becomes smart. It is possible to reduce accidental deaths & crimes, manage traffic smartly, increase security using facial recognition, manage waste smartly, and other solutions with a few clicks.

Without RDX


The workers may be injured during an industrial process. Mostly, this comes to the notice of staff with some delay. The risk to workers’ life is high in this case as the manager knows only after the accident has taken place.

Warehouse may not be working at full capacity, thus going unknown. There may be losses due to mishandling of parcels.

With RDX

industry with rdx

Accidents can be prevented before happening itself. Suppose, a worker is going near the boiler room without safety equipment, the manager will be immediately notified. Unfortunately, if an accident still takes place, the manager will be able to take quick actions through real-time notification and save the life of a worker.

RDX monitors complete performance of the warehouse through bay gate analytics, mishandling parcels and preventing losses for the company.

How are we different?

Why RDX?

No Line of code

Create a customized solution all by yourself without a Single Line of Code.

Solutions for all industries

From big to small, from healthcare to defense.

Real-time alerts

Get real-time alerts and notifications on social media platforms (WhatsApp, telegram, email, etc) as per your requirement.

Data analytics

Get analytics, monitor the details and increase the productivity & profitability of the organization.

No technical knowledge is required

Just drag-drop and with a few clicks execute the solution.

Software Integration

Easily integrate your application and our application painlessly.

IoT action

Generate an action using IoT triggers and automate your process making it faster and more efficient. Do more with less.

Hyper local model training

Collect local data of your premises and increase the accuracy

Central Command Center

Monitor, control and command easily over hundreds of cameras hassle-free with a few clicks.

Safeguard privacy

We prefer an on-premise approach thus, your data is safe with you.

Generate revenue

Any developer can create an AI use-case/application and publish it on our marketplace.

Camera Health Check

Continuous camera health check is running on the system. User can change health check intervals and generate alerts on health failure.



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