Introducing the
RDX ecosystem

An industry-leading solution for a streamlined plug-and-
play, AI-driven digital process automation approach.

Re-inventing &
Developing X factor

Every business is on the lookout for new-age solutions that will help them change with the times and stay relevant in the tech landscape. The easiest way to do this is through automation and digital transformation initiatives. Yet, as industry pioneers in digital process automation and digital transformation, we understand there are inherent challenges with this approach. 

From unifying and centralizing discrete software solutions and services, to integrating third-party solutions with enterprise firmware – automation and digital transformation can take months!
But not anymore – we’re here to simplify it.

Introducing the RDX (Re-inventing & Developing X factor) ecosystem: An industry-leading solution for a streamlined plug-and-play, AI-driven digital process automation approach.


Does Your Business
Lack The X-factor?

The RDX Ecosystem was designed to help businesses of all sizes easily adopt AI-driven process automation. The RDX Ecosystem enables business users (software developers, AI companies, etc.) to develop and upload AI models for several commercial use cases to the cloud marketplace, where end users (AI professionals, businesses and even non-technical users) can simply download and use them via a drag-and-drop interface. These AI-driven models can be deployed on edge devices, IoT endpoints, Programmable Logic Controllers, industrial robots or any other compatible hardware.

Process automation, automated!

The RDX suite consists of three core solutions:

The RDX suite

The RDX Platform

For Affordable, Easy
And Scalable Process

Think of Android or MacOS – the operating systems (OS) that power our smartphones. It allows you to download, customize and run applications without worrying about compatibility issues or its setup. 
Similarly, the RDX Operating System forms the backbone of our AI-driven automation ecosystem!

The RDX platform allows end users to install, configure and deploy a plethora of AI models suited for commercial use-cases on edge computing devices, SCADA, programmable controllers, IoT devices, cameras, servers, or other hardware. The solution is also compatible with data formats such as audio, video, IoT streams, JSON, as well as sources such as Salesforce and SAP platforms.


This means you can host a variety of customized, plug-and-play AI automation applications to create an end-to-end automated business ecosystem.

The RDX platform makes Artificial Intelligence affordable, scalable and easily deployable for everyone!

Why Should You
Choose The RDX

RDX simplifies process automation, and to make the task seamless for users, the RDX platform boasts features such as:

Why Should
No code

No-Code Approach

Download customized demand-specific AI solutions using drag-and-drop interface so you don't need to write any code.

real time

Real-Time Notifications

Get real-time alerts and notifications on social media platforms of your choice (WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, etc).

robust data

Robust Data Analytics

Get analytical insights through detailed monitoring to increase the productivity and profitability of your organization.

safeguard private

Safeguard Private Data

Secure your business data with our on-premise approach to AI deployments.

iot compatibility

IoT Compatibility

Generate case-specific, action-based triggers for diverse IoT deployments.

hyper local

Hyper Local Model Training

Collect local data from your deployment to increase its performance and accuracy.

central command

Central Command Center

Monitor, control and manage hundreds of deployments from a central command with only a few clicks.

seamless software

Seamless Software Integration

Integrate your existing software solutions with the RDX platform in just a few clicks.

device health

Device Health Checks

Device Health Checks: Monitor the health of devices, change health check intervals or generate alerts on health failure.