Tower Construction Safety with RedX

Case Study: Enhancing Safety Compliance at Tower Construction Sites with RedX AI Automation.


In the fast-paced telecommunications industry, ensuring the safety of workers during the construction and maintenance of tower infrastructure is paramount. A leading tower company, which specializes in erecting and leasing tower structures to telecom operators, aimed to elevate its safety protocols. To achieve this, they turned to innovative AI technology and partnered with us to deploy a state-of-the-art solution.

The Challenge:

Tower construction is inherently risky, with workers required to perform tasks at considerable heights. Traditional safety monitoring methods were largely manual, relying on supervisors to visually confirm compliance with safety gear requirements. This approach was not only inefficient but also prone to errors, leading to potential safety risks.

The Solution: RedX AI Automation Platform:

Our solution was to implement the RedX AI automation platform, uniquely adapted to meet the safety needs of the tower company. Unlike the traditional setup, RedX utilizes advanced human tracing cameras, all stationed on the ground, to monitor and ensure safety compliance across the construction site.

The implementation encompassed four crucial AI-driven use cases, all utilizing ground-based human tracing cameras:

1.  Harness Detection: These cameras track workers as they prepare to climb the tower, ensuring they are wearing safety harnesses.

2. Safety Jacket Detection: Before ascending, the system verifies that each worker is equipped with the required safety jackets.

3. Helmet Detection: The cameras also confirm that workers are wearing safety helmets prior to climbing.

4. Shoes Detection: Lastly, the system checks for appropriate safety footwear among all personnel on the ground.

Impact & Results:

The deployment of the RedX platform transformed safety monitoring from a manual, error-prone process to an automated, efficient, and reliable system. The ground-based human tracing cameras provided comprehensive coverage of the site, enabling real-time detection and alerts for any safety gear non-compliance.

This not only streamlined the monitoring process but also significantly enhanced the safety culture among workers. The tower company experienced a marked reduction in safety incidents and non-compliance, highlighting the effectiveness of integrating AI technology into safety protocols.


The integration of RedX at the tower company’s construction sites has set a new industry standard for safety and efficiency. This case study exemplifies our dedication to harnessing AI for meaningful applications, ensuring safer work environments, and leading the charge in technological innovation within traditional sectors.

This case study highlights our commitment to improving workplace safety through technological innovation, demonstrating how AI can be leveraged to make traditional industries safer and more efficient.