Plug & Play Digital Transformation Platform to automate and manage business workflows & operations


Digital Transformation is a Complex Journey which involves multiple Technologies and Diverse Skillset.

Digital Transformation

The EASE MY AI Solution

Our Revolutionary Platform uses AI to automate and manage business workflows & operations

AIIoT Ecosystem is a platform where any developer or AI/ IOT company can upload AI models, Business Use cases or IOT triggering services to the Cloud marketplace and an end user can just download them to the AI deployment Platform hosted on their Edge Computing device through easy-to-use DRAG & DROP interface thereby deploying end to end process automation as per his requirement.

Our Platform extracts values and information from visual data, IOT sensors and 3rd party software  and do AI driven decision making thus automating everyday monotonous tasks which assist enterprises in improving business efficiency, Increasing productivity and reducing risk. We then use this data to take AI based decision and action without human intervention

We contribute to digital transformation journey by offering a comprehensive and flexible solution that automates processes and enables digital transformation across various industries. We also provide a marketplace for users to access, upload and download various business use cases and services to customize their dashboard and automate their specific workflows. By offering a plug-and-play approach and a wide range of processing and action services, our platform streamlines and automates business processes, improving efficiency and reducing costs for businesses.


Our Platform Reduces a complex Journey of any company who is looking to implement Digital Transformation Solution which involves integration of Multiple Technology Stacks.

  • Benefit #1 - Seamless Integration

Bridging the gap between diverse technologies, AI Ecosystem simplifies the integration of various AI models and IoT devices for comprehensive data processing.

  • Benefit #2 - Coordinated Actions

AI Ecosystem makes it easy to trigger multiple IoT/PLC/SCADA devices, send alerts, and convey analytical data based on predefined workflows, improving operational efficiency.

  • Benefit #3 - Rapid Product Deployment

Accelerate digital transformation initiatives with the ability to swiftly develop, scale, and continuously improve products while benefiting from a robust built-in support system.

  • Benefit #4 - Unified Vendor Management

Streamline vendor interactions by implementing solutions from a single unified platform, eliminating the inefficiency and complexity of dealing with multiple vendors.


One of the most important components of our AIIoT Eco-System which is AIIoT marketplace has been deployed on AWS. Powerful services like EC2, S3 has been integral part of our development cycle. We have created a very strong AI Eco System where any developer Globally can create AI Use cases, AI Models and IOT Services and host on marketplace, docker Images of all such services has been hosted on AWS S3 Bucket. Whenever end user wants to deploy any use cases on Deployment platform, he has to compulsorily download those services from S3 Bucket. Moreover, all our deployed On-Premise devices continuously sync all the inference data generated by AI models and all the alert media generated by deployed use cases on S3 Bucket. This enables us to collect the data from client’s premises and perform Hyperlocal model re-training on the collected data thereby increasing the accuracy of the deployed AI model.


Feature #1 – Hyper Local Model Training Pipeline

In Computer Vision, generally when we deploy the AI models on the field, the accuracy of the model initially will be around 50% which is commercially nonacceptable. Thus, there is a need to collect the data from the locally deployed cameras. For this we created a Hyper Local Model training pipeline where all the AI models collect the data after inferencing and send it to S3 bucket in real time. At the day end our team downloads the data and Label the data as per model’s requirements. After model is trained it is deployed in the exact same machine from where the data was collected with the help of hyper local model pipeline. Thereby increasing the accuracy of AI model on that site.

Feature #2 – Muti-Vendor Marketplace

We have created India’s first marketplace which can host all the possible Digital Transformation use cases. Any Developer/ AI company can create their AI use cases and host it on our Cloud marketplace which is hosted on AWS EC2 instance. Al the docker images of uploaded use cases are stored in S3 bucket.
End user just have to visit marketplace and download the use cases, AI models and action services as per his requirements using our easy-to-use plug and play interface.