Cloud and AI Based Video Management System ( VMS) using CCTV or IP Camera

A fully Loaded, state-of-the-art video surveillance and automation software system. Automate and Monitor your manufacturing plant, warehouse, restaurants, office, parking or wherever you want. Using any IP camera of any make, Diycam RDX is an integrated set of applications which provide a complete cognitive automation from automated surveillance to tracking day to day operation, compliance, allowing capture event, do analysis, generate.

With internet available at an year, An ideal option for businesses with multiple sites and numerous employees, cloud-based video surveillance solution is an exciting new development in business security. Storing your security footage in the cloud (AWS, Azure, Google) has numerous benefits, from reduced set-up costs and IT infrastructure requirements to remote central management and improved cyber security.

Cloud based VMS which is capable of running computer vison based AI inference and analytics open the doors to new applications, and as the requirement for on-demand, cloud video management systems continues to gain traction, Diycam has developed a fully hybrid & cloud driven Video Management Software (VMS) which is capable of running on edge, offline and on cloud. 

With a full suite of video analytics capabilities, Diycam VMS enables companies to take complete advantage of anywhere, anytime, and any device cloud video surveillance

Reduced capital outlay

On-site storage of your CCTV footage on NVR or DVR, expect a substantial initial and ongoing investment more over at time at certain events robber or trespasser tend to take away the NVR or DVR in order to remove the evidence. Also if your business has numerous sites, You’ll have to first fork out for costly hardware, software and installation. Then you’ll need to factor in router configuration, IT staff and electricity costs, maintenance and servicing fees, OS security patches, cyber security support and

Add up all these elements, Cloud based VMS gives you freedom to pay monthly subscription fee in a more budget-friendly way.

Add up all these elements, Cloud based VMS gives you freedom to pay monthly subscription fee in a more budget-friendly way.

Reduced IT infrastructure & staffing requirements

For a multi-site business, on-premise security surveillance storage requires a robust IT infrastructure to manually maintain and update hardware and software when needed. When you opt for a cloud-based VMS, there are no on-site servers required, and all security and software updates are automated.

All maintenance and servicing activities are performed remotely by your service provider – without any interruption to your business operations. Which means? A
streamlined IT department and infrastructure, an always up-to-date security system, and reduced costs for your business.

Centralized Management

Diycam’s cloud-based VMS allows central management of all cameras , run AI module and inference centrally. It also allows your security gatekeepers to track user activity and prevent misuse of CCTV surveillance equipment.

Scalable and Flexible storage capacity

Storage on cloud gives you flexibility and scalability, Whereas storing CCTV footage on-site, the length of time a business can retain security footage is constrained by its system’s hardware capacity. Increasing the video retention period can involve costly purchasing of additional or
replacement hardware. On the other hand, a cloud based Smart VMS solution is far more flexible. You can easily adjust the storage retention period with no additional expense

Futurist and new technologies

Cloud-based VMS is much more scalable than a traditional VMS system, as updates are sent automatically by your provider over the internet. With a traditional video surveillance system, you are limited and dependent on hardware. You can perform updates, but this is generally a more complex, manual process. Cloud-based systems are more scalable, adaptable and are therefore a smart choice to future-proof your business security investment. Also Diycam’s AI modules can be directly integrated with VMS.

Access Remotely all camera & playback

An authorised personnel can access cloud Based VMS remotely anytime from anywhere via internet, to easily play high-quality security video footage. On the other hand, with some traditional non-cloud systems, streaming can be unreliable and very difficult to work on cloud.